School Principal Message

Ms. Mini Verma

I feel extremely privileged on being a part of a very big Vidyalaya of the Region that has contributed a lot in shaping the future of the youths. It has a glorious history of 36 years and in its long journey, the Vidyalaya has consistently been in the service of the nation. Having the strength of more than 2400 students and 94 members of the staff, we feel very proud of setting new trends in pursuit of excellence in every field. The Vidyalaya has been identified to be developed as a centre of excellence and with the help of Quality Council of India, we are striving hard to get accreditation from the Govt. of India as not only a pace setting institution but also as a quality school .I am confident that with all support and commitment of the staff, management and with all valuable guidance from the KVS authorities, this Vidyalaya will have another feather in its cap. We not only dream high but also achieve high. The Vidyalaya has been consistently producing quality results in all the classes. We care our stakeholders and value their suggestions. We believe in producing the quality citizens who will shoulder the responsibility of the nation in future. I express my sincere gratitude to all parents for their support and thank the members of the Vidyalaya management committee for all constructive suggestions. With committed and competent team of teachers, I am confident that the Vidyalaya will keep creating new milestones in its journey ahead. I wish to assure all parents that their child is in very rich academic environment where teaching and learning is a joyful experience. Your child is the most valuable asset for us and we are doing our best to help him/her achieve the best latent in him/her.
Wishing you all very memorable association with us.